Our kennels is small and placed in open surroundings in Jęgerspris, where the puppies and the adult Chow Chows live with us in our house.


Our purpose: To breed healthy, well acting puppies.

We only use HD and AD photographed dogs for breeding.


Our first Chow Chow: Shiga-Tse - we got her from Kennel Danehof in August 1980.


Our first litter: Born the 11 July 1983.


Our Last litter: Born the 31. July 2013.


Exhibitions: Since 1989 we have been on many exhibitions in Denmark and in foreign countries with very good results.


If you want further information or just a talk about Chow Chows, do not hesitate to call on this number:  +45 4753 1717 or send a mail  @


Best regards


Aase Bach


DKK Breeder